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Monday, 13 June 2016

Way Too Busy to Write

I intended to write a post over the weekend, but I was just too busy. It began when I went to the footy - Port Adelaide vs the Bulldogs. It was the first time in weeks I'd been available to see a whole football game. I'd been asked to be an umpire for the Auskick kids at half time, which is something I enjoy, but which is always over far too quickly. The game didn't start until 1:10pm, so I took my sweet time getting ready in the morning. Then a quick call to the organiser of the umpires revealed that I had to be there by 11:30, so I suddenly had to eat breakfast pretty quickly and head out. There are always six games going on during that half time break. Four with kids under ten representing Auskick. One with older kids who are wearing the guernsies of the teams that are playing that particular game. And another which is the same, except played by people in their mid-teens. That's the most senior one. I was asked to do the second one. It was the first time I'd been asked to do one of the games with the bigger kids and indicated that I was now one of the senior umpires.

It was a great game to watch, but Port lost by three points. It was heartbreaking not just for the loss, but because a win would have put them in the top 8 (which is the teams that make it to post-season).

From there I went straight to host a QuizzaMe show. Last week the management for the venue had told us they were considering cancelling the show, but the great atmosphere that had happened that night may have been enough to save it for a few weeks. So I was really looking to back up that good performance this week in order to save the show. Well, I'm not sure that happened. Less than half of the tables that were there had any interest in playing and it took a while for the tables that did play to really get into it. The biggest team got bored with it because they were losing and left at half time. But on the other hand, one team that said they were going to leave after the first round ended up staying for the whole show. The teams that played did seem to have fun, they just weren't very vocal about it. Watch this space.

After QuizzaMe, I went into town, where I'd gotten free tickets to a party because I knew the DJ. That sounds very socialite of me, but it's the first time I've been able to say that.

Now, some very interesting things happened at that party, but I'm not going to talk about them. I view the telling of personal stories the same way as I would losing my virginity - the first time you do it is a big deal and once it's done, it can't be undone. And telling the stories for the first time online in a public space like this is akin to having your first time filmed and uploaded to the internet. There are two people I know who were there and of those, only one that knows everything that happened. That's how it will remain, not because I'm embarrassed/private/mistrustful/etc about it. Just because I'm usually so open, it's exciting to me to have something to keep to myself.

I know, I'm a tease right?

I got home at 3am that night. That in itself is unusual for me because I usually get antsy if I'm up past 11:00. But as I explained to someone else, I hadn't gotten there until 10 because of QuizzaMe and once it passes midnight my attitude is usually "Well, in for a penny, in for a pound". I slept for four hours and then got up, had a casual breakfast and went out for a round of golf.

There's very few things I miss about drinking, but one thing I actually did enjoy was the morning after. I was too young to have proper hangovers, but me and the rest of my friends would still be feeling tired and queasy. We'd all have breakfast at McDonalds, looking disheveled and unapproachable and barely talking to each other. But there would be this unspoken bond that had forged itself out of having had a shared experience and the understanding that those around us were feeling the exact same way as we were at that moment. The social barriers that the alcohol had broken down the night before would still be down and wouldn't be rebuilt until the next day. I got to experience some semblance of this while golfing at 10am on a sunny Sunday morning, having been to bed at 3:00 last night and standing there in my leather jacket and sunglasses. All I needed was a cigarette (and to be a smoker) and I would have completed the look.

I was shocking at golf. It was a par 3 course and I was averaging about six or seven shots per hole. Each drive from the tee would hook away to the left and I couldn't sink a putt unless it was less than a foot from the hole (sometimes not even then). But after the first nine, one of the other players gave me a suggestion to step half a foot to my left when I swing. Based just on that tip, my back nine was the equal best round of nine holes that any of us had ever played. It was like on The Simpsons when Marge meets Jacques at the bowling alley.

After that I had footy training. Last year I was in a competition called the Community Cup - a game of charity football played between the media and the musicians of Adelaide. Training for this year's cup started a couple of months ago, but as I usually have umpiring on Sundays, I couldn't get to training, putting my spot in the team in jeopardy. Since there were no games this weekend due to the long weekend, I could join back in just for one week.

There's not too many people coming so far,which means as long as I make the effort to come when I can my spot should be safe.

Finally, I went to my friend Kelsey's house to hang out - something we rarely ever got to do. We watched the second half of that night's footy match and then watched the movie Focus. We don't often agree on movies, but we both enjoyed Focus. It was unique in its structure and intensity and Will Smith and Margot Robbie are always great to watch, Michael recommends.

So with all that, there was no chance for a post this morning. Keep checking back though. I'm sure I'll think of something good for Friday.


  1. You have definitely been busy. When did you stop drinking? My son quit a few months ago. It's made his life better.


    1. My last drink was March 8 2010. I wrote a post about it called Yes Man, in April '15. Yeah I think it was a great decision too.

  2. I'm exhausted just reading that. Ah, to be young and still able to stay up past midnight...

  3. Wow, sounds like you had a fabulous weekend! And yes, you are a tease.

  4. Ok you have been busy just saying being busy is better then being dead which when you are dead you are not busy just saying

    1. Yeah I'd definitely rather just be busy.

  5. These days having your first time filmed and uploaded to the internet isn't all that uncommon. You know, in case you ever decide not to be a tease.

    1. Meh, I've had worse things filmed and uploaded to the net.


      It's passed 1000 views now :P

  6. Holy cow! Sounds like a whirlwind of a time!


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