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Friday, 15 April 2016

Mini Golf

Part M of the April A-Z Blogging Challenge, where every day this month except Sundays, I'll be talking about things I love - one thing for each letter of the alphabet.

I was booked in to travel to Thailand with some friends in February. We spent many hours over the weeks leading up to it figuring out what we would do while we were there. But there was something on our list that some people would be surprised to find there. The first thing my friend Kelsey and I wanted to do when we got there was play mini golf.

Mini golf is awesome. While full-sized golf frustrates the casual player with its tendency to splice the ball in weird directions - if the player even manages to connect with the ball - in mini golf you only ever have to worry about your putting. On top of that, mini golf courses are really creative and often mentally challenging.

There are different things that can appeal about different golf courses. Some just have awesome themes. You can be putting among dinosaurs or pirates or Disney characters and so on. They just get the imagination flowing.

There's a course in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina which takes you through the story of a plane crash and the pilot's survival.
New York has a course which takes you to a different part of the world at each hole. I'm not sure what part of the world this is meant to be.
This dinosaur-themed course is much closer to my home, situated in the wine region of South Australia.
And when I was in the Gold Coast, we played in a cute place with three separate themed courses. There was a water theme, a nursery rhyme theme and a Jungle theme.

Some courses their holes really cool. They'll install all sorts of rollercoasters or Rube Goldberg Machines that take your ball all over the place.

And then there's courses that give you proper challenges. Holes where you have to time your hit just right or hit the ball over/under/into something or just try not to get it stuck on anything. These are my favourite.

Then there's the occasional course that offers something really different. When I was in Melbourne with my friend Jerida, we went (or more accurately, she accepted us going) to a mini golf course that was glow in the dark. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!

What are some awesome mini golf courses you've been to and what was so good about them?


  1. Mini golf is fun! I used to play it all the time with friends when I lived in Kentucky. Good times :) though I lost virtually every match.

  2. I like a nice game of mini-golf every once in awhile too. I remember one where I simply could NOT get the ball to go through the narrow passage of a windmill while the vanes were turning. It was tough, man!

    In the photo of the New York course, I think that big statue of the guy with the axe is Paul Bunyan, a mythical logger-folk hero of the USA. I don't see his giant blue ox, Babe, though.

    1. Isn't there something more American they could have? The Statue of Liberty or something?

  3. I've seen that one in Myrtle Beach. Plus I've been to an indoors one that glowed in the dark, which is very cool.
    Back in the day it was called Putt-Putt. My friends and I dubbed it Putt-Putt: When you got ___ nothing better to do!

    1. Yeah I've heard it called that. Those glow in the dark ones are amazing :)

  4. I've never been a mini-golf course, but seeing this, maybe I have to try!

  5. The more ridiculous the mini-golf course, the better. In the US, we call it putt-putt -- same in Australia?

    Cherdo on the Flipside
    "Favorite Characters, Favorite Lines" on the A-to-Z Challenge 2016

    1. We've all heard the term put-putt before, but we tend to call it mini golf.

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