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Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Jason and Brooke

Part J of the April A-Z Blogging Challenge, where every day this month except Sundays, I'll be talking about things I love - one thing for each letter of the alphabet.

For years now, I've been writing posts about the members of my tight-knit group of friends, the Buttercup Gang, Each member came to be a part of the group in different ways and brings something unique to the table. In the case of Jason and Brooke, they're the group's power couple - the Brad and Angelina to our group of C-listers. Jason is everything that girls like in a guy and Brooke is the same for guys.

Jason's first love is classical music and musicals. He's an amazing singer and piano player - one of those people that can just improvise a complex, beautiful piece of music on the spot. When it comes to music, he's a bit of a genius. Check out this piece he wrote around Christmas time in 2014.

He gets lead roles in a lot of big musicals around Adelaide. Most recently he played Sky Masterson in Guys & Dolls and I thought he nailed it. I told him at the time that his rendition of Luck Be a Lady was probably one of the manliest things I'd ever seen.

Jason's very well-traveled. And picks languages up very easily. I already knew he could speak fluent French, but I was shocked to see him go to Vietnam for a few weeks and come back fluent in Vietnamese as well.

But probably the thing I admire most about Jason is that he manages to be two seemingly opposing things at once - big on status and class while also being down to Earth and relatable. He buys expensive clothes, knows his wine and his classical music and for a time worked at a store that sold classy designer pens (some of which were worth four digits), he also does "youth" really well - going shopping, traveling and partying all the time. The fact that he's friends with me is probably the biggest evidence that he's classy but not snobby.

Oh yeah, and he's got a rockin' body.

Brooke is as gorgeous inside as she is out. Always literally jumping with excitement when she sees you, she's hugely affectionate and very accepting. It's not very often at all that she gets upset with someone's behaviour, but when she does, she gets over it and moves on pretty quickly. It's not like her to hold a grudge. Quite the opposite - she seems to believe the absolute best of everyone. I don't think I've ever heard her talk ill of a person. She's certainly told me of things that a person does or did that upset her, but to her it's always isolated. One bad habit or incident is not indicative of who the person is as a whole. I love that. I wish we all thought that way.

Brooke lives in the water. When she's not teaching kids to swim and the local pool, any free time she gets is spent at the beach, either sunbathing, snorkelling or surfing. These things give her a lot of enjoyment and it's awesome seeing her face light up the moment someone makes mention of them. She really gets visibly, totally into things, which is something I wish I could do.

Brooke's also pretty well-traveled and somehow manages to find the time and money to go overseas for weeks at a time. She recently came back from a trip to South East Asia where she volunteered at an orphanage. Just in case she wasn't already the best person going around.

I could probably sum Brooke up in two words - "love" and "fun". These two things govern every moment of her life, and they happen to make her a blast to be with.

We were all there the night Jason asked Brooke out. It's one of the few times all ten of us had been in one place at the same time. It had been a long time coming, with one of them going through some issues with a recent ex and making the matter complicated. But finally, on Kelsey's 18th birthday, outside a restaurant at Windy Point, looking over the city which was lit up on a Friday night, Jason finally asked Brooke if they could be a couple. And they've been our Brangelina ever since.


  1. Brooson? Jasooke? Both are catchy! You've got a fun group of friends!

    1. I like Brooson. Not sure if they will though :P


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