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Monday, 2 November 2015

Question of the Month (November)

Each month, we do this awesome thing called Question of the Month. It’s totally da coolest thing eva. You’d tots love it. We like, totally answer this question and it’s like, a really cool question and all. This month the question is “Are you an introvert or an extrovert?”

This one’s hard for me to answer. There are many reasons why I could make a case for being both.

I find it hard to talk to people.
I tend not to feel comfortable around people.
I’m always trapped in my own head, thinking about myself and not noticing what’s going on around me.
I don’t really have an interest in other people (that probably sounds worse than it is).
While all of my jobs require me to be in front of people, they’re all solitary, autonomous work.

I don’t like going places or doing things on my own.
I often outstay my welcome at places because I don't want to go home.
I have the necessary social skills to get on anyone’s good side.
I like to have shared experiences with people.
I love spending time with the people I love.
I can’t handle spending evenings at home, I always have to organise something.

But the answer came to me recently when I was listening to a podcast. Australian comedian Wil Anderson was talking to a guest, who gave this definition of what introverts and extraverts are:
“When you’re an extravert, being around people gives you energy, while being alone saps your energy. Vice versa when you’re an introvert.”

Well, using that definition, I’d have to say I’m an extravert. I don’t often feel comfortable around other people, but I think I'm better off in company. If I’m alone for a few days, I get antsy and unproductive. I’ve found myself recently to be able to get more work done at a friend’s house than I can at home. So my answer is extrovert.

If you like, totally wanna join, we'll be doing it again next month. Just put your name on the list below.

Gossip Mike.

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