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Monday, 12 October 2015

Things Get Real

A few weeks ago, I talked about my love of the game show known as The Chase. I've seen the few weeks worth of episodes of the new Australian version and I have to say, they haven't captured the essence of the Brittish version. The Brittish version seems so much more genuine and spontaneous and Andrew O'Keefe, who was really in his element hosting Deal Or No Deal, seems bland and plastic in this new environment. They also try and keep the show so tight and slick that I find it hard to form a relationship with the contestant. It's like there's this rigid format which goes:

Andrew: So (insert name)! I hear you're into (insert hobby)!
Contestant: I am, Andrew.
A: What's that like?
C: (very short, scripted sentence)
A: (makes a pun which links the hobby to the task at hand and the contestant's involvement is pretty much done)

As a result, I find myself wanting The Chaser to win each episode as opposed to the contestant in the Brittish version.

But having said all that, I still do enjoy watching the show. And with my love of trivia, I decided I wanted to apply. I went on the website and find their apply section (it wasn't hard). They started asking me questions about who I am, what I like and dislike and what makes me interesting. If you've ever taken part in my Question of the Month, you'll know how attracted I am to abstract, off-topic questions that allow me to explore who I actually am. I found myself getting way too real with my answers and it turned into more of a journal entry than anything else. Have a look at what I said. Would you want this guy on your TV show?

Contact Details





bulletproof-92 (at) outlook.com



South Australia




I have quite a few jobs.

Adelaide Australia




  • No
About You

Current jobs (from most to least relevant):
Aussie Rules umpire
Pub trivia host
Food sampler
Kids party host
Bogan Bingo host
Promotions Actor/performer

Past jobs:
Pizza delivery boy
Door knocker

Cert III in Retail Tourism (like what travel agents do)
Cert III in Retail Management
Level 1 AFL umpiring accreditation

One of my favourite quotes includes a line about how a master in the art of living makes no distinction between his work and his leisure and often can't tell the difference between the two. A few of the jobs I've listed above, I would also list as a hobby or interest (particularly umpiring and pub trivia hosting). And there other other unpaid hobbies I have which I sometimes call work. These include writing a blog, volunteering at community radio station Fresh 92.7 and performing stand-up comedy.

Other things I love:
Board games
Giant chess
Mini golf
Laser skirmish
Green Day
Playing guitar
Port Adelaide Football Club
The Dallas Cowboys

I'm a member of the Port Adelaide Football Club and believe they're overdue for a premiership. If it was us playing this weekend against the Hawks, I'd already have the champagne open.

I love a challenge so much. My friends describe me as a sore loser, but I try and explain to them that it's not about whether I win or lose, I just want to be competitive and play a respectable game. If I perform poorly or embarrassingly when I expected to nail it, that's when I get upset. One time I was bowling with my friends and ended up on a score of about 30. With each gutter ball I became more and more bitter, to the frustration of my friends. In the next game I switched balls and got a much more respectable 115. I cheered right up. I also learned the lesson that sometimes it really isn't my fault.

People who judge or belittle others for any reason. being lied to (even if the truth will hurt my feelings), the whole nightclubbing scene, vacuuming the house and standing still & staring at the camera in photos (it makes for such a better memory if you're actually doing something).

That's actually the question I'm most worried about answering inadequately. I feel like it's hard to sum myself up in one paragraph. I think if I had a whole novel I wouldn't be able to properly articulate who I am. Maybe that in itself gives you an idea, but I'll give it a crack anyway.

I'm always busy, always trying something new, always starting new projects and always trying to experience as much of life as I can. I try hard to be the best possible person I can be. I try to make friends with everyone I meet and I almost always speak directly from the heart. That last part has earned me a lot of love and respect, but has also gotten me in trouble a few times.

Warm, friendly, loving, active, busy, funny (hopefully), motivated, stubborn and short. I've been meaning to ask them if they would add "passionate" to the list. I think they would.

  • Leader
  • Team player
  • Risk-taker
  • Planner/considered
  • Charitable

Charitable was pretty easy. It's pretty rare for me to reject someone when they ask for help. For a while I took 10 percent of any extra money I made after expenses each week and donated it to charity. I also spend any Thursday that I'm not working taking care of my grandma who's currently in her final months with us. The other one was harder. I do take risks, but not enough to describe myself as a risk-taker. I'm also not so cautious that I could comfortably tick that box. With any decision, I deal with it the way the situation demands - sometimes diving right in and other times carefully weighing up options. Over the last few years, the big decisions I've made seem to have worked out really well. I love being a leader, but I'm not put in leadership positions too often. I chose to describe myself as a team player because that encompasses leadership as well. I'll be anything that the team needs me to be - leader, follower, observer, critic, challenger... I have a very democratic style of leadership, where everyone's opinion is valid and I'm happy to be challenged and/or proven wrong. But I do worry that if I'm proven wrong too often, it threatens my position as the leader.
 Please rank the following subjects from one to  five based on your strength of knowledge about  them:










 Anything that can help me afford a cheap property. I  still live with my parents and my primary goal at the  moment is being able to sustain myself. With the way  my work life is currently set up, my income is very  erratic and no bank in the world would give me a loan.  That's why I'm happy to just get a unit rather than a  proper house. I saw one online for $70k and that  seems like a good target. I currently have $25k in my  savings account. Any 5-digit figure would be game-  changing for me.

There's no reason you should pick me over anyone else. I'd just really like to and it would be another amazing experience to my biography when it's written.


I love the UK version and saw a TV commercial about it coming to Australia.
Availablity and Other

Basically we can work out a time and I can make myself available. The only dates this year that I absolutely can't do are October 11 and November 29.

I get sweaty palms sometimes.



There's a video on YouTube of me wearing a dress to the shops after losing a bet. If they find that, my political career is over.

Thank you for your time and effort in completing this application.  Good luck!


Please note:  The Chase Australia is filmed in our Melbourne studios and we are unable to pay the costs for contestants to travel to the studio for filming.  If you wish to proceed and audition for the show and are then invited to become a contestant, all costs associated with travelling to Melbourne including any flights or accommodation would have to be paid and arranged by you.  

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