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Monday, 5 October 2015

Question of the Month: October

Each month, we answer a question set by the lovely and talented Michael over at A Life Examined. This month's question is

"Who would play you in a movie of your life?"

I used to spend a long time trying to figure this one out. It would have to be someone who's capable of playing the leading man. But I don't really look like anyone famous. Maybe because I'm Australian I could pick a fellow Aussie?

Don't give me that look Chris, a man can dream.
I guess if I went with an Aussie I'd have to go for someone with not quite as big a reputation for his looks. Someone who's down to Earth and has the short brown hair that would be required to convincingly pull off my look.

Shut up Sam, you need the work.
Alright, let's move off the Aussie path. I need someone with a bit more comic timing. Who else is a young, in-vogue male actor who can play equal parts serious and funny?

Okay now they're just laughing at me. This is unfair guys.
Fine, I guess I'll have to face it - I'm not a hunk. Getting Hemsworth or Worthington or Tatum to play play me in a movie would be like getting Anne Hathaway to play Susan Boyle. I should probably just find someone who can do the comedy and leave the hunky roles for my better-looking and more talented friends. There is a guy who kind of looks like me and is legendary for his comedic skills.

Um... something tells me he doesn't want the part.
I guess Rowan Atkinson is too physical. I use my words rather than my body. I'm also much, much shorter than him. And far less lanky. And, you know... he's a million.

I've got it. He's young. He's good at comedy. He can play a leading man, but works much better as the sidekick comic relief. Like me, he used to be quite overweight, but now he's lost it all and can look quite handsome when he wants to be. He's also much closer to my height, which makes it loads more believable. The person I'd hire for the Oscar-winning role of Michael G D'Agostino is:

Jonah Hill.
Here he is talking about his new role on Letterman.

If you'd like to join the blog hop, join the Linky list below. It happens on the first Monday of each month. Next month's question was inspired by a Stephanie Farris post from long ago:

"Are you an introvert or an extrovert?"

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