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Monday, 26 October 2015

Make a List. Just... Make One

This is a bloghop started by Bish Denham, whom I met through a bloghop that I started. It all goes in circles.

The bloghop has two rules.

  1. Make a list.
  2. Make it between 5 and 25 items long.
So here's mine...

Things I've Done for Money This Year

  1. Put listings up on eBay for an antiques dealer.
  2. Run the lights and sound at a comedy show.
  3. Hosted pub trivia nights.
  4. Handed out food samples (most notably Lindt chocolate where I had to dress up as a chef and walk around grocery stores).

  5. Dressed up as a bogan and hosted a bingo night.
  6. Run the lights and sound for a comedy/hardcore strip show.
  7. Performed Dr Seuss stories for primary schools.
  8. Performed improv theater.
  9. Dressed up as Grover for a political publicity event.

  10. Umpired Aussie Rules games for primary school clubs.
  11. Entertained kids at birthday parties (dressed as Batman, Spiderman, Leonardo the Ninja Turtle and so on).
  12. Commentated junior club football games.
  13. Hosted a private school's annual pub trivia night.
  14. Run an AFL handball zone at a shopping center.
  15. More football umpiring, this time for adults in a social league.
  16. MCed the SA leg of the national Rally Championship.

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