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Saturday, 5 September 2015

Bonehead Bloghop: September 2015

Cherdo from The Flipside hosts a monthly bloghop where we celebrate those moments we should have been smart enough to avoid.

When I was quite young (five or six), I first learned how to do a cartwheel. I fell in love with the move and did it everywhere I could. But that included many places where I shouldn't.

At one point, I had a friend over and he asked me "Can you do three cartwheels in a row?" I wanted to find out for myself, so I made my way to the nearest corridor to test it out. The corridor was incredibly narrow and on one side was a big glass cabinet with lots of crystal dinnerware inside. I line up at one end of the corridor...


Easy enough.


Almost there.


I straightened up and turned back to my friend with a look of superiority. 'I sure can!' I said.

A few days later I was at school looking at the metal balance beam on the edge of the oval. What a challenge that would be, huh? Without notifying my friends, I walked up to the beam and stepped on. I raised my arms into the air...

And executed a perfect cartwheel. I had enough of a footing when I landed to ensure I could step off the beam rather than fall. And I went back to my friends as if nothing had happened.

We all know the third time's the charm.

There was a low brick retaining wall - maybe a foot high - separating the walkway behind the classrooms from the oval. I decided it would be awesome to cartwheel onto the retaining wall. I stood at the back of the classroom building with the path in front of me and the wall beyond that. I was brimming with confidence in my six-year-old gymnastic abilities. I took a run up...

...And ended up in the first aid room with an egg-sized bump on my forehead. I'm not even sure how it worked logistically. I would have to have had enough forward momentum while upside down to have smacked my head into the side of the wall. But somehow I achieved it, and it put an abrupt end to what could have been a very promising cartwheeling career.


  1. And here you are today - record a handstand for us! I promise to applaud (smile).

  2. You're pretty lucky there were no broken bones!!

  3. If that hadn't happened, I bet we would have watched you win a gold medal at the Olympics. What a shame.


  4. Ouch.
    Mind you, I am impressed. I could never achieve a cartwheel, and was always soooo impressed at those who could.

    1. Interestingly, I can't seem to do them nearly as well anymore :P

  5. It's a good thing you got out of cartwheels, aka the gateway drug of childhood acrobatics. We had a childhood friend who was into cartwheels. I can do three in a row, he'd say. Then five. Then ten. It was never enough. One day he started cartwheeling and just never stopped. Last we heard, he was in Mexico.

    1. Wow, you always hear these stories, but you never see it happen to anyone you know.

  6. I'm thinking the cartwheel career would have been a waste of talent, anyhow. ;-)


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