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Monday, 24 August 2015


Misha Gericke has just released her latest book in the War of Six Crowns series. It centers around Callan, who has been shipped from foster home to foster home, not really fitting in. She discovers a magical world which comes along with some powerful secrets. I got the chance to interview James, who is her current foster-brother. He's a moody individual; Very guarded and secretive. But after several days of interviews, he finally gave me something to work with (albeit with a little help from Misha).

Michael: Okay James, would you like to tell us where you were at the end of the last book?

James: I was being dragged underwater. *scowls* It sucks exactly as much as you'd think.

Michael: Good grief! How on Earth did you get there?

James: This weird chick called Rhea sent some thugs after me and they put me underwater to send me to her. She uses water to summon people or send them places.

Michael: And what do you suspect Rhea will do when you arrive?

James: Make me wait for Phipps. *scowls* He's an asshole.

Michael: I see... How long have you been in this magical world?

James: I don't know. But I'm certainly not leaving any time soon.

Michael: Why's that?

James: I... *sad little laugh* I got my foster sister killed.

Michael: Oh I'm so sorry... How did it happen?

James: *sighs* Well, I tried to get her expelled from school. It failed, and she went to this castle near our school to wait for the dust to settle. As my luck would have it, some barbarians from this world kidnapped her. So she's either dead or wishing she is, and there's no way for me to find her.

Michael: What would you do if you found out she was alive?

James: I'd find her in a heartbeat.

Michael: No matter what cost?

James: *frowns* What sort of question is that? It's not like I can just leave her out there!

Michael: But it seems awfully dangerous. You could lose your own life as well as hers.

James: *stares* It's not like I can cal the police here. There's no one else to handle this. There's me and there's Ward and there's Phipps and that's it. If we don't find her, she's dead. And then I might as well be. Have YOU ever tried living being responsible for someone's death? It's something I'd do anything to avoid. Even if it might get me killed too. Do I want to survive this? Sure. But not nearly as much as I want to not be hated for this.

Misha: James...

James: Yeah fine, I know. Well, she's dead now so I don't get to make that choice anyway, do I?

Misha: Sorry Michael.

James: Don't you DARE apologize for me.

Misha: Jeesh okay, but chill out.

James: *glaring into the distance* Next question please.

Michael: Um, okay... Tell me about Ward? What does he mean to you?

James: It's complicated. My parents are his guardians, but he's mostly my friend.

Michael: So he's like your brother?

James: *guarded* I guess...

Michael: Why so secretive?

James: Not secretive, it's... Next question.

Michael: Um, sure. *nervously shuffles papers* What was your childhood like?

James: I don't want to talk about it.

Michael: I get the feeling you don't trust me yet.

James: *shrugs* It's nothing personal. I don't talk about it to anyone.

Michael: Something must have happened that caused you to be so guarded.

James: Good guess. *crosses arms*

Michael: May I ask?

James: *makes a face* I don't want to talk about it.

Michael: Are you sure? Maybe I can help.

James: No, you really can't. It is what it is. I've accepted that it won't ever change. It's not something that can be fixed.

Michael: Was it your fault?

James: I. Don't. Want. To. Talk. About. It.

Michael: Alright, fine. What are your hopes and dreams?

James: Uh... I'd like to see the world one day. Our world. Earth.

Michael: As in travel?

James: *keeping eye contact* ...Yeah.

Michael: Have you traveled before?

James: Yeah. Mainly Europe with my family.

Michael: So you're close with your family?

James: No.

Michael: Oh. Strained relationship?

James: *thinks it over* Complicated. They give me lots of stuff and money. Take me on family trips. I guess they feel they have to because I'm blood. Other than that, they vastly prefer Ward.

Michael: What makes you think that?

James: I grew up watching them give all the attention they didn't give me. They only ever care about his opinion.

Michael: That seems awfully strange. Why would they value Ward's opinion over yours?

James: *pain flashes through his eyes and he looks away* We're back to that thing we're not talking about.

Michael: This mysterious thing that happened in your childhood?

James: Yes. *knee starts twitching* So yeah, now that I've lost my foster sister, I don't think I'll bother to go home again.

Michael: Wait, what? You're just going to leave your parents? Throw away your future?

James: *becomes still* Do you really think my parents will miss me? Really? As for my future, I'm seeing some more years of absolute bullshit and guilt trips in front of me. I have enough of my own issues to deal with, so I think it's better for me to do so without having my parents load some more onto my shoulders. If you don't mind.

Michael: Where will you go?

James: As soon as Rhea lets me out, I'm going back to Earth. Then I'm going to France. I'm going to get far away from all this, and I won't be looking back.

Misha: How will you pay for it all?

James: *rolls his eyes* You think I'm an idiot? Think a bit. What do you think I spent my huge allowance on? Nothing. It's invested, waiting for me to use.

Michael: I think your parents would miss you.

James: You don't know my parents.

Michael: You need to take some responsibility for your life. You're running away from your problems.

James: I think I'm done talking to you. *gets up and leaves*

Michael. *calling after him* You can't run away forever!

*door slams shut*

Here are the details of the book and its lead-in...

The Vanished Knight

The entity living inside Callan’s soul orphaned her at age eleven. By the time she’s sixteen, it’s ensured her being shunted from one foster family to another.

Her thirteenth foster assignment should be routine. Except... it's not. A psycho in medieval armor kidnaps her and she ends up in a magical world. There, she accidentally discovers a secret her parents had kept until the day they died.

Both actually came from this magical world, but left before Callan was born. To cover their tracks, they’d lied about everything. Even who they really were.

Driven to find out where she comes from, Callan’s trapped in a race for life and death. Walking away isn’t an option, but if she stays too long, the entity will find its next victim.

In this world where secrets are sacrosanct and grudges are remembered, finding the truth will be near impossible. Especially when Callan has her own homicidal little secret to deal with.

One with a taste for destroying her life.

The Heir’s Choice

After discovering her parents had kept a whole world secret, Callan races to discover her past. Not easy to do with an increasingly agitated entity living in her soul.

Going to her long-lost elvish roots should answer all her questions. Instead, she ends up in the middle of a nightmare.

The elves are on the verge of an apocalyptic war. Their enemy, King Aurek of Icaimerith, will only be appeased if Callan marries his heir. It’s either her life getting messed up, or an entire country’s lives lost. Simple enough, right?


Because when the entity wants the elves blotted out of existence, saving them gets taken to a whole new level of complicated.


Misha Gerrick has been creating stories long before she could write and is currently going after her dream of making a living as a writer.

If you’d like to see how that’s going, you can visit her on her blog (http://Sylmion.blogspot.com), where she also discusses all things related to writing and publishing.

Or, if you’d just like to know what she’s reading and get updates on what she’ll be publishing next (Sorry, no newsletter just yet.):

You can follow her Tumblr (http://mishagerrick.tumblr.com)
You can follow her on Twitter: @MGerrick1

And you can circle her on Google Plus: +MGerrick


  1. Thanks for hosting me and James! :-)

  2. Sounds like a great series! Action-packed for sure.

  3. Fun dialogue. I liked reading it. I could hear it as a recording to entice people into the story.
    Play off the Page

    1. Thanks! I like that you see it as a recording, because I do try to make my characters as life-like as possible.

  4. His life does sound complicated. Hope he finds his sister.

    1. She is alive. Callan's just in another part of the world, with barbarians who, as it turns out, aren't all that barbaric. :-P

  5. James sounds like a very angsty teenager with a bunch of different issues!

  6. Ah, I love this interview! :) I still need to pick up these books, doh!

  7. This must've been your most challenging interview yet, Michael. You did a great job trying to get info out of James. He gave us a bit to chew on.

    1. Thank you, it was hard knowing how hard to press for information.

    2. Yeah maybe I should have warned Michael that he's difficult. Michael had no idea...

  8. Intriguing. And I have a big weakness for damaged and difficult people.

  9. James sounds like a fascinating character.
    Great interview Meisha and Michael.

    1. He's so secretive. It's fascinating and annoying at the same time.

    2. Thanks lots, Sandra!

      Michael, I know the feeling. I was annoyed with him for most of 120 thousand words.

  10. These books sound so interesting. I should so pick one up! I love the interview. It gives insight into James.

  11. These are the kind of book series that I like. I'm adding them to my ever growing book list. Now that the girls are back in school, I have more time to sit down with my e-Reader during the day. James sounds like quite the character!

    1. I know what it's like, I have a "to-read" list on my phone a mile long. I also have a similarly-long TV series watch-list.

    2. Oh he is, Theresa. They all are. I actually picked him for the interview because people tend to get stuck on the fact that he's a rich brat, but really there's way more to it and it was nice to let people see that. (Despite his best intentions.)

  12. Fun character interview! I've been seeing this book all over the blogosphere. Congratulations to Misha!

    1. That's great, she's getting it out there!

    2. Thanks Sherry! Yeah the bloggosphere is awesome about letting me stop by on their blogs. :-)

  13. It sounds like a very interesting character development. Good luck to Misha!


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