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Friday, 3 July 2015

AFL Shenanigans Round 13: Vegemite

Matt lost and I got to make him eat that Vegemite. Yay!


  1. That definitely comes under the heading of cruel and unusual punishment. If we had a Bill of Rights I am pretty sure it would be banned.
    Brave Matt.

    1. Matt waved that right when he came up with the challenge ;)

  2. I feel like this could be a scene from an intense action movie where the hero is cruelly interrogating the terrorist.

    "Tell me what you were planning to do at the airport or I feed you more."
    "I'm not talking."
    "Then here comes the airplane... bitch."

    1. "No no, I'll talk! As soon as my throat regains moisture, I'll talk!

  3. Poor guy is going to drop dead of a heart attack! That Vegemite sounds like some nasty stuff!

  4. I love how you bent over the table and scooped out a decent amount of Vegamite for Matt.....bwahahahahahaha....great airplane sounds. Poor Matt; he's becoming a favorite...as in "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, poor Matt."


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