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Saturday, 11 April 2015

Join Us

Part J of the 2015 A-Z Blogging Challenge

To make the choice between standing alone, playing a tune of your own creation, or blending in with a sea of flat notes.
The ocean drowns your senses and clouds your judgment. You float because you're hollow, a sickness that you want to spread.
What can be found at the bottom of a glass but not the top of a mountain? What do you get from living life on the surface?
She fell for his clothes and his car. He changed his clothes, so she changed her mind. Swim deeper than that, and you'll find you were cold, wet and miserable where you were.
My clothes will never change.


  1. Not poetic, eh? Pfffffffft all over that!

    Well done Michael!

  2. Joining Jacqueline and blowing raspberries at you. Big raspberries. And I vote for standing alone playing your own tune...

  3. A beautiful prose poem, Michael! You're a deep swimmer, not a surface skimmer.

  4. Living life on the surface is just merely existing.
    Excellent poem, Michael.

    1. Thanks :) I can safely say that pretty much all of the people I've met on blogger have been deep swimmers.

  5. Keep the clothes, curl some toes and dry off when the wind blows

  6. "She fell for his clothes and his car. He changed his clothes, so she changed her mind." That is a great line, absolutely great. At least he still had the car to drive away in...

    You are bursting with potential...

    1. Yeah it's interesting that the car itself wasn't enough to keep her around ;)

      Thanks Cherdo :)

  7. My goodness, where has this been? This rawness, sir!! I'm inspired to go dive off of a mountain into deep water where I parked my car. I'm wearing a one piece speedo.

    I really liked your "J" day!!!

    1. Hahahaha I still like your poetry better ;)

  8. Haha. I love DC's humor. Yours too.
    Hopefully, you don't drive an American car. Those need changing every so often.

  9. Well, that was intensely thought provoking. Thank you, my mind enjoys a good provoking, keeps it young… and questioning.

    To thine own self be true - my go to line, when in doubt! :) :) Great post.

    Jenny, Pearson Report
    2015 A to Z Challenge Ambassador


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