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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

My Year In Pictures

I'm not used to posting more than one article in a day, so if you came looking for my final new experience for the year, click here.

Right towards the beginning of this blog, I got a new 16GB memory card for my camera, vowed to fill it up and post updates about it while it happened. I completely forgot about that, so I thought I'd recap it all by posting them here. It can be a lovely account of all the crazy things I've been up to.

This photo wasn't actually taken with my memory card, but it was the first photo taken of us this year. At was taken on New Year's morning at Pine Point.

Following are some more photos from the rest of that trip.

My birthday came on the 9th. It was a busy day, meeting friends in the morning, reading the news at Fresh in the afternoon and hosting a pub quiz at night.

This was also the first time I saw the listing for my Fringe show that would happen that year.

Jerida's family got a new robotic vacuum cleaner, which I named Phillip. Like seemingly all of the names I tend to come up with, it stuck.

We went on a few bowling nights. I embarrassed myself at the first one. I'd recently explained to Jasmine that I'm not a sore loser, but I hate it when I don't do as well as I think I should. That night, in the first game I get about 37 points and I was in a bad mood until the third game where I improved so much I ended up beating everyone.

Jason and I won free slushies for getting two strikes in a row.

I ended up giving most of mine to Jerida.

I was so unhappy after the first game that no one really felt happy for me after the third :P
I went golfing too. One time with my cousin Alex.

I began working as a breakfast radio producer at Fresh 92.7, working with the wonderful Erin and Jay Bangers, who I'd struck up a relationship with while reading the news for them on Tuesday mornings. On my first day, arriving at a dark studio at five in the morning, I got a terrible fright when I was met by this creepy looking thing.

I went on that dolphin kayaking tour with Jerida.

I was approached out of the blue to be a lighting manager for a production called Square Peg at the Arts Theatre. As show date came closer, I found myself being promoted slowly to stage manager.

In March, I hosted a Fringe Show with my friend Rusty. We decided to make our own posters to save money.

Here's some of the ones that didn't make the cut.

And the ones we eventually settled on.

When I told a friend that I was producing breakfast at Fresh, he thought I meant I was cooking breakfast for the hosts. At the end of the night, he asked me to make sure I sent him some of the breakfast I produced the next day. So I did.

At one point in February, we had a freakish amount of rainfall which flooded one of our busiest roads, Port Road.

During Fringe season, I went to see Bogan Bingo, and art show and my own Fringe show went wonderfully well. We had quite the celebration for that one. Later, I got to test out the new Adelaide Oval corporate boxes.

Here's a photo I took on the first AFL match at that Oval.

Here's a random photo I took one night with my friends.

And here's the relief I felt when I finally completed the portrait I worked on for two days.

I made this one shortly after Onesie night.

Then I got the chance to umpire a little league game at Adelaide Oval.

In July, I went to Avcon for the first time.

And in August I spent a week touring primary schools to re-enact Dr Seuss stories to kids.

One of the um... most interesting things to happen to me this year was when I got approached by a local comedian called Hardcore Damo and asked to be the techie for a new room he was running. It was a "Hardcore New-Age Comedy Show" with a couple of hours of stand-up comedy followed by a feature act of strippers. I wasn't sure about doing it, but he offered me $120 for a night's work, so that settled it. Since then, he's brought me in to tech other rooms for him and hired me as an assistant for one day a week. It's a fruitful partnership.

Here's some more random photos taken during August.

September was a big month. It started with me taking over the Monday drive-time show at the radio station. In just my second week, we had to handle a show that was being broadcast live from the Royal Adelaide Show.

I had a day at work demonstrating a new range of Lindt chocolate. It was very, very dead, so I started to slack off a bit.

And I came runner-up in our club's Umpire of the Year award. In just my first season there, I was really impressed by that. The coach has told me that next year he wants me to come back in a leadership capacity.

Also in September, I did the Ice Bucket Challenge, started an anonymous message board about myself, saw my first roller derby and started a 10-week salsa course. I also started to watch Sex and the City in September, and as of Monday 29th December (Australian time) I finished the whole series including the first movie. With each season I watched, my love for the series grew. That show has amazing writers and even I found myself identifying with a lot of the male characters on the show.

And... some more September randomness.

October saw the explosion of my blog thanks to the wonderful Robyn Engel and my now-famous pole dancing class with Sarah.

I also hosted one of those Bogan Bingo nights. I know the guy who runs it in South Australia, so I got in touch with him shortly after we went and asked if I could get involved. It took a while (he's got a pretty full roster), but he eventually fit me in for one. It was ridiculously good fun. Although I found myself being practically sexually assaulted throughout the night. I had my ass slapped, got picked up and kissed by an enormous old woman whose friends called her "The Bull", and one girl handed me her phone number at the end of the night. I was much more appreciative of that girl.

I had some great photos taken at other points in the month.

I also celebrated my first ever Halloween party, which was rife with classic photo opportunities.

At the end of that night, I shaved for Movember, still in my Superman suit. I finally had enough facial hair to actually grow a moustache this year.

As I've mentioned before, Movember was very successful for me. I raised about $872, placing me in the top 3000 in the country. I was part of the Quiz Meisters team (the company I host weekly pub quizzes for), who come in the top 400 teams in the country. I was the biggest earner of the lot. Quiz Meisters sent me a congratulatory gift pick, including a t-shirt, cap, mug, soap-on-a-rope, a Mr. Mo booklet, a trophy, Movember stickers and a $75 gift voucher for Tom's shoe store.

And as I've also mentioned, on the very last night, Mitchell offered to donate $200 in exchange for keeping it for another month. I took it, and I kept my word. I made it a bit easier by letting the rest of my facial hair grow out and now it's not looking quite as bad.

Quiz Meisters had their annual Ultimate Trivia Challenge, this one being the first that I had attended. It's where the top-ranking teams from every pub in South Australia get together to compete in a final quiz-off. There was a dress code of cocktail attire with a splash of orange or blue, so I bought orange bow-ties for all the hosts. There was footage taken of myself and three of the other hosts singing Enrique's "Hero" to a captive crowd, but I might keep that for a Piece of History post.

Other stuff that happened in November.

December saw me take a cemetery tour, write an internet article, fly a plane and volunteer at the salvation army. Christmas Eve was our usual affair at Zia Tina's house where (like every year) we played Trivial Pursuit and (like every year) I lost. Christmas day was held at my Uncle Mario's house. The highlight of that day was being challenged to run on the treadmill at 12kms/h for five minutes straight. I don't go to the gym or actually get much exercise at all, so I was pretty chuffed when I did it.

Tonight,on New Years Eve, we're having a barbecue at our house and reflecting on the tumultuous years we've had. New Year's resolutions? Maybe just to chill out a bit, don't you think?
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