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Monday, 27 October 2014

My Top 10 Favourite Posts So Far

Thanks to the ridiculously kind work of Robyn over at Life by Chocolate, I've found myself with a lot more house guests than I used to have. They all came over to read my Improv Night post which, while they said was funny, wasn't one of my favourites. Here's a list of my favourite 10 posts that I've done so far, with 10 being the best and 1 being the least-best. Some of them are as popular as I think they should be. Others have sadly faded into obscurity...

  1. Being Benchpressed - A very quick post from a (so far) very short series called A Piece of History. It's footage of a strongman lifting me over his head.
  2. Art Project - Inspired by old episodes of Art Attack, I thought I'd give painting a go.
  3. This Takes a Sudden Turn - It was going to start as one thing, but ended up being a completely different thing.
  4. Art Versus the Artist - An interesting study on whether an artist's personal life can be viewed separately from their work.
  5. What Do You Think of Me? - Someone described this post to me as confronting. I started up an anonymous message board and encouraged as many people as I could to post on it. It was fascinating seeing what turned up.
  6. Just a Great Night Out - A night out I had with my good friend Rusty to celebrate the end of my show at the Adelaide Fringe Festival (which I also wrote a post about).
  7. Groceries - Believe it or not, I'd never done the grocery shopping for my household. My attempt at it was... interesting.
  8. An Exciting Opportunity - The time a couple of family friends tried to convince me to become a coffee salesman.
  9. Pole Dancing! - Of course, the one Robyn talked about on her post. I had a lot of fun doing this and the videos make it a lot easier to digest.
  10. The Buttercup Gang - A post I wrote which explains the core group of friends that I talk about so often in this blog. I barely talk about myself in this post, and yet you'll probably understand who I am more from reading this than any other post.
I'd also like to mention the friends I've made so far who can now effectively say "I knew him before he was cool".

Jimmy from JimmyFungus.com
Gorilla Bananas from The Japing Ape
Fredulous from Fredulous Yo
Debra from She Who Seeks
The Princess from Cocaine Princess

And the friends I had from an old blog who I've managed to reconnect with.

Kinley from Kinley Dane
Bryan and Brandon from A Beer for the Shower
Ken from Ken- inatractor
Becky from Just Passing Through

And of course, huge thank you to Robyn. Keep being awesome!


  1. I like to think I'm a trendsetter, yes.

  2. You're most welcome, Michael. You've connected with some of the best and brightest, the funniest, and most random of bloggers. I see that I have some catching up to do around here. I didn't realize you'd been in blogland before, though Rusty sounds/looks familiar. You two remind me a bit of the beer guys, Bryan and Brandon. They're awesome, as is Debra and Gorilla Bananas - long time blog buds. I'll go visit the ones above that I don't yet know. You don't owe me anything. Just stick around for a while. We like having you here. A great week and hugs to you.

    1. I think we were almost EXACTLY like the Beer guys, except with separate blogs. We used that fact to do some pretty cool things.

  3. First time grocery shopping, what could go wrong with that? lol I take it plenty, will have a look and yeah many great bloggers out there at many a nook.

    1. It's interesting, that post has already gotten more of a spike in views than any of the others.

  4. That bench press video is amazing. Though if he would have dropped you and you got a shot of yourself hitting the ground really hard it would have gotten a lot more views. Anywho, I think I have already read most of the top posts. Yeah, I noticed your readership has really taken off. Hopefully, you will remember me when you are a really big blogging superstar.

    1. You know, I've already started telling myself I mustn't stop reading all of your posts. I've said it before, you were my first friend on this new blog. I won't forget that.

  5. You deserve to be the biggest media personality in Adelaide, Michael, and I'm sure it's just a matter of time. I agree with Robyn about the pole-dancing post, but she was too much of a lady to praise your butt. I will do so on behalf of my females.

    1. Hahaha tell your females they're too kind!

  6. You didn't mention me. What? Do you think I'm not worthwhile? Am I not good enough? *sobs and throws herself on the bed, then gets back up* WHERE'S THE XANAX?

    Janie, poor, unloved Janie

    1. Wait I'm confused... Did I know you before and forget about you? Am I that bad a person??

    2. No. I was just in the mood for some drama. Of course you are not a bad person. I am bad for making up a stupid joke.

    3. Oh geez, you scared me ;) Don't feel bad, it's my fault for not getting it ;)

  7. He considers me a friend. *swoons*


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