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Wednesday, 27 August 2014


Kelsey was one of the three amigos that began the Buttercup Gang and is kind of an unofficial leader of the group. Whenever we go places or decide on things, he's always the one to lay out the options for everyone else to choose from. Kelsey's a great guy - affectionate, flamboyant and funny.

One thing I like about Kelsey is how much I feel like his friend. We've got a bunch of running jokes together, the most fun of which is that whenever we say hello or goodbye, we jump and chest bump each other, grunting like idiots. Each time, we'll dedicate it to a different thing, like The Todd from Scrubs and his different types of high-fives. Throughout the years, we've had Grand Theft Auto bumps, going on holiday bumps, leaving too soon bumps, onesie bumps, cowboy bumps and floorgy bumps (don't ask).

He's often very hard to get in touch with, because he lives forever away in the hills and he works erratic hours. He's also bad at returning messages. If he lived closer and checked his phone a bit more often, I'd probably get to see him a lot more. Not that I never see him - at the moment the house he's in is our most frequent hangout, seeing as his parents are practically never there. But I could always stand to see him a little more ;)

For far too long I used to call Kelsey the "gayest straight man ever". He has a great fashion sense, keeps up with celebrity marriage news and knows the names of all the members of One Direction. I'm pretty sure he hated that label, but he had the last laugh - we also used to joke that he had Australia's best girlfriend. She's pretty, motivated, funny, easygoing, and able to tie a lolly snake into a knot with her tongue. I'm still not sure why that last skill is so great, but Kelsey and I would high-five about it all the time. I imagine one day I'll find out what the fuss is about...

In terms of a career, Kelsey quite closely resembles me, which is another thing I feel connected with him over. The difference is his natural leadership kicks in and he tends to be asked to become a supervisor anywhere he works. I've had to work very hard to develop leadership skills and even now it doesn't happen naturally. For Kelsey it does.

He loves being there for his friends to help them deal with their problems - a trait that's shared by almost everyone in the gang. I recently broke up with Jerida, and when we broke the news,  he and his girlfriend Sarah were the first people to get in touch with me and ask me if I needed to talk. I dearly wish I can be there for him next time he needs it because unfortunately, I feel like I take a lot more from the friendship than I give. I've made some errors in the past that have put a strain on our relationship and each time, he will have already somewhat forgiven me by the time we get to talk about it. I love that about him.

I love the guy and I love our nerdy, immature conversations about Pokemon and football. I love how he can switch so easily between that immaturity and his serious leadership side. If I could pick one thing - one characteristic to learn from him, that would be it. Today happens to be his birthday and I'm proud to be there for him while he celebrates it. Happy birthday Kelsey:)


  1. He's got the ideal cheerful face for a mate who can cheer you up! Would he find it less annoying if you called him "metrosexual" instead?

    1. At this stage, probably yes. He wouldn't like me to point out that he's anything less than all man ;)

  2. You seem to have some really great friends, but you also seem to be a really great friend... so I guess it all works out.

  3. Hahaha that's one way to look at it. I tend to see it more as I'm luckier than I deserve to be to have these guys in my life.

  4. He sounds like a great guy, even if he's not actually gay. Gay men rock!

    1. Yeah, maybe I used to say that to him because I secretly wished he was gay. They are a lot of fun ;)


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