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Wednesday, 11 June 2014

New Experience Challenge Week 23: Onesie Party

"What? You've never worn a onesie before?"

That's right, I haven't smartass. And I hadn't planned to, either. I'd gone up to the hills to hang out with some of the members of the gang for the night. We were setting up some mattresses in the lounge room when people started breaking out their own onesies. I've never been particularly interested in owning one. The last time I wanted to buy something just because it was popular, Beyblades were in fashion. And back then, it was my parents' money so I could afford the peer pressure.

The interesting thing about onesies is picking a design. You generally have to pick between animals or comic book characters. Everyone in the room had their own signature piece - Kelsey had a dragon, Jerida was an owl, Sarah had Spiderman, Brooke owned a pig and Jason was Pikachu.

After we finished setting up, Kelsey called me over to his room. He fished around in his cupboard for a second and when he came out, he was holding up a nice new Batman onesie. He left the room so I could get changed into it and when I walked of of the room, the group swooned.

Now how's this for sucky - shouldn't a Batman onesie have more of a mask than a hood? I pulled the head of the onesie up over my own head and was disappointed to discover a lack of ears or eye holes. It was just a plain old round hood. If I were to make superhero onesies, I'd make them as close as possible to the actual hero so that the person wearing it could pretend to be them. That may sound a bit childish, but may I remind you... they're wearing a onesie.

The things are offputtingly comfortable. I was scared by how easy it was to forget I was wearing one. Except for when I was on the ground and tried to move around. Man, those things can ride. Lucky I wasn't-

Wait a minute.

'Hey Kels.' I said nervously. 'Just remind me again... Was I meant to or not meant to go commando in this?'
'Oh Michael, please tell me you're wearing underwear.'
'Um... Yeah...' I said before ducking back into his bedroom.

The other problem was going to the toilet. That was an ordeal I'd rather not go in depth into. Let's just say I was practically naked by the end of it.

Throughout the night we built a fort, ate desserts and played truth or dare. Most of the truths were pretty tame (snoozers like "what's your favourite dessert?"), but when I tried to ramp it up, everyone said my questions were too hard (like "who's your favourite person in the group?").

Anyway, we all went to sleep on the mattress floor of the fort and woke up the next day looking like the DVD cover of friends. Here are some photos I took of the night.


  1. As if you don't own a onesie!? I got in on the craze and admit... I own 2, a dinosaur and a skeleton. They are seriously warm and comfy! Love the friends pose at the end lol awesome stuff.

    1. Haha sorry Pundie :P I think if I got one I'd get Charmander, Superman (if it had a cape) or Batman (if it had the ears and eye holes.

      Thanks, I'm proud of that photo :)

  2. I've never worn a onesie either. Come to think of it I haven't been to too many parties lately either. Okay, I'm going to stop now before I start crying.

    1. Ok then, you and me will have our own party. Will onsies. And blackjack. At our computers.

  3. Onesies similar to rompers are a pain indeed when going to the bathroom especially when the a/c is at full blast. You're literally just sitting there shivering while doing your business.

    1. What's a romper? I've never heard of one. I forgot that it would be harder for girls because they have to sit down :P

  4. Romper--- a combination shorts and a shirt.


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