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Thursday, 16 January 2014

New Experience Challenge Week 2: My Birthday

Already I've had to deal with a slow week. There have been a couple of things I've done this week that of themselves are nothing new but this time I did them in a different way.

On Thursday it was my birthday. I already had stuff that I had to do that day - namely reading the news at my radio station Fresh 92.7 and hosting a quiz night at the Barker Hotel. But before that a couple of my friends decided to take me out to lunch. We went to Norwood and the hunt was on to find a good place I'd never eaten before. We eventually found Nordburger - a place that sounded like it was run by vikings, but in reality was filled with pretty, friendly girls. My friend bought me their classic Nordburger and some chipotle fries and we sat down on a bench to eat it. I had to admit it was an awesome burger, but very fattening and filling. My friends couldn't finish theirs, but I have a big thing about finishing my food. I had to sit there in agony and painfully shove each chip into my mouth. When it was done and my friends had to leave, I got up and realized I could no longer walk... I could only waddle. I didn't have any more food for the rest of the day.

By the way, that photo was taken on a new camera I got from my girlfriend as a birthday present. It's an Olympus Tough camera, which will be great for taking out and about. One time while we were at Pine Point Kelsey, MitchellJasmine (who I haven't mentioned in this blog yet) and I went for a walk in the shallows of the ocean. The sea bed was like quicksand, so our thongs kept getting stuck and we had to stop and pull them out by hand and put them back together above the surface. Each time the person holding the camera got stuck, he/she would have to very carefully transfer the strap of the camera from one wrist to the other, knowing full well that the moment we dropped it it would be game over. That's why I wanted a tough camera. something that we could drop in the water or be holding while we're doing something physical etc. And typically those kinds of camera don't take the best photos but this one seems to do pretty darn well. So we'll add the use of this camera to the list of new things for this week.

The final thing happened on Tuesday when I went to my friend Dimi's house to sleep over. Being a boy in my early twenties, I naturally still have a passion for the Pokemon Gameboy games from years ago. I'd recently decided to restart Ruby version and I expressed my craving to get back to that game. Dimi came up with this gem of an idea - 'Alright, I'll race you.I'll get up to where you are on my Emerald version and then we'll see who can get the furthest in the game by the end of the night.
I accepted his challenge and we began. Me on my silver Game Boy Advance SP and him on the Game Boy emulator on his laptop. It was a tight battle to start with, we kept overtaking each other for the lead. We were honest about it - battling every trainer we met and catching every Pokemon that popped up. But eventually I made two mistakes that held me back and gave Dimi an insurmountable lead. The first was that I I backtracked to a route more than two towns back to look for a Pokemon I needed for my party. I gave up before finding it and had to work my way back to where I was before. The other thing was the way he trained his Pokemon. We were both doing that thing where you put your weakest Pokemon first and swap it to a strong one to give them both experience. But I when I changed Pokemon, I would change to my second weakest so that the experience went to all the weaker Pokemon first. It meant my Pokemon were raised more evenly, but battles took a lot longer. Dimi had his weak Pokemon first, which he would always swap for his starter Pokemon. His starter was twice the level of the others, but because the battles were so much quicker, his others were still the same level as all of mine. By the time I gave up at three in the morning, he was about a town ahead of me. I claim the moral victory though.

One last thing - a couple of years ago I bought a new 8GB sd card for my camera and spent the next four months filling it up. There were over two thousand photos and at the end I uploaded them all to Facebook and tagged every single one. Well to commemorate this new camera I've got, I'm doing it again. This time I've got a 16GB card and I'll be a bit more selective with my photos. I'll give you updates from time to time and share my favourites with you.

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